30 de nov. 2010

Editar boot.ini desde consola msdos

1. Bootup with the Windows XP/2K/NT CD inserted (or with the floppy Setup disk set)
2. Select the Repair option (select R at the Welcome Screen in XP/2K)
3. Press 1 (presuming you have just one XP installation)
4. Press Enter for your Admininstration password (it's blank by default)

5. Now rebuild Boot.ini by typing in
bootcfg /rebuild
- select the Windows XP, 2K, NT in Add installation to boot list
- answer Windows XP Home (or similar) for Enter Load Identifier
- answer /fastdetect for Enter OS Load Options
Optionally, you can then type in
type c:\boot.ini
to view (but not edit) the contents of the new Boot.ini.
6. Type exit when finished. Remove the CD.


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