23 de nov. 2010

Diferencia memoria ddr ddr2 1rx2 1rx4 1rx8


Why do the single- and dual-rank memory modules vary in price?

In general, single-rank memory modules are built using x4 (“By 4”) DRAM chips and are more expensive than dual-rank memory modules (which are built using x8 DRAM chips); both module types have the same number of chips but the x4 DRAMs are more expensive than x8 DRAMs. Dual-rank memory modules may limit future upgradeability and capacity of servers when using PC2700 or PC2-3200 memory. This tradeoff between memory cost and capacity is important to consider when purchasing memory modules for Intel Lindenhurst-based servers.

How can I find out whether a ValueRAM Registered DIMM is single- or dual-rank?

The ValueRAM part numbers will designate whether memory modules are single-, dual-, or quad-rank:

ESD image

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